My protest of “Stand Up for Religious Freedom” rally in Scranton, PA

Here I am at the “Stand Up for Religious Freedom” rally in Scranton, PA with my protest sign also promoting the NEPA Freethought Society’s website. In this post, in a narrative fashion of sorts, I will provide some of my thoughts concerning the rally and recount some of my protesting experience. I can write for […]

God and the Gettier Problem: If God existed, was theistic belief justified?

In a short essay titled Is Justified True Belief Knowledge?, philosopher Edmund Gettier raised some concerns about, as you may have guessed, justified true belief and knowledge. For this post, I’d like to explore how Gettier’s essay relates to belief in God. If God happened to exist, can Christians rightly claim the ‘high ground’ and say […]

Dealing with Anti-Gay Protesters at NEPA Pridefest

Image Credit: This weekend, members of the NEPA Freethought Society, a local community group of non-theists, attended NEPA Pridefest in order to show solidarity with the gay community, have fun, socialize, and most importantly engage the anti-gay protesters who were bound to show their faces. Instead of ignoring the protesters, like others do at these events, I felt it necessary […]

Disagreement, not Disrespect: Attacking Beliefs, not Persons

During many discussions about ‘hot-button issues,’ no matter what the specific topic is, people often feel that disagreement and scrutiny of arguments is a ‘confrontation’ and people are being attacked. This, I feel, is one of the greatest misconceptions I believe people have had in the many discussions I participated in during the last two […]